While working with a virtual or dedicated server, errors may periodically occur. Don’t be afraid or panic – there is a solution! But first, let’s look at the definition of this 502 error. The most common causes of the 502 Bad Gateway error are problems with the server, specifically: acting as a gateway or proxy, it receives an invalid response from the upstream server. This could mean that one of the servers was unable to receive a valid response from the other server that it contacted to complete the request. As this error occurs, you can draw one clear conclusion: the server is acting as an intermediate link, but cannot receive the response that it can and should pass on to the client.

Causes for Error 502

To sum it up, the 502 Bad Gateway error is a common problem on the Internet, but it can be effectively resolved if the root causes are identified and addressed. It is important to regularly diagnose, monitor and update server software to ensure smooth operation of web resources and minimize the likelihood of this error occurring.

  • The most common mistake is detecting any problems with the server. These could be things like:
    • Server overload. When the server is overloaded with requests, it may not be able to process them, resulting in a 502 error.
    • Server Failure. Sudden failures such as power outage or software errors can cause this error.
    • Problems with network connections. Problems in the network infrastructure between servers can lead to the inability to receive the correct response.
  • Problem due to incorrect proxy servers, which act as intermediaries between the client and the web server, may encounter problems such as misconfiguration, overload, or failure, resulting in a 502 error.
  • DNS issues such as bad DNS records or problems with DNS servers. This can also lead to an inability to contact the desired server, which can ultimately cause a 502 error.
  • Software errors. In reality there can be many reasons, because… Today there are a lot of scripts and software parts of the code. Errors in the web application code or server configuration can result in invalid responses, causing a 502 error. This may include errors in scripts, or misconfiguration of the web server or application. Before installing any ready-made script or software, make sure that it is actually inserted correctly. If you doubt anything, you can always write us a ticket – https://my.ava.hosting/submitticket.php 

Possible Solutions for Error 502

  • Reboot the server. No matter how trivial it may sound, rebooting the server can help eliminate temporary failures and free up occupied resources. Especially if a certain program or script requires it and the reboot step was ignored or not done properly. After a reboot, the server can begin to process requests correctly.
  • Checking proxy servers. Make sure your proxy servers are configured correctly and are working properly. Changing the configuration or restarting the proxy server may resolve the issue.
  • Checking network connections. Checking routing and network equipment can reveal problems that are affecting communication between servers. Correcting the settings of routers or switches may restore the correct connection.
  • DNS issues checking. Checking and correcting DNS records and their correct configuration can resolve problems accessing servers. Using DNS checking tools can help detect and correct errors in records.
  • Optimization of code and configuration. Reviewing and optimizing web application code and server configurations can eliminate errors that cause 502 Bad Gateway. Fixing errors in scripts or optimizing server settings can improve request processing.