Hosting for CMS Prestashop

Hosting for CMS Prestashop

All hosting packages for Prestashop websites come with speed optimization features and advanced security tools included.
Money-back guarantee - 30 days

Prestashop hosting tariff plans

  • Silver
    1 mon.
    3 mon.
    6 mon.
    12 mon.
    sale 0%
    3.99 €/mo.
    • 10 GB NVMe
    • Bandwidth Unmetered
    • 4 Domains
    • 10 Subdomains
    • cPanel CP
    • 15 MySQL Databases
    • PHPMyAdmin
    • SSL Certificate
    • Support 24/7
    • 99,9% uptime guarantee
  • WordPress "Giant"
    1 mon.
    3 mon.
    6 mon.
    12 mon.
    sale 0%
    14.99 €/mo.
    • 100 GB NVMe
    • Bandwidth Unmetered
    • ∞ Domains
    • ∞ Subdomains
    • cPanel CP
    • ∞ MySQL Databases
    • PHPMyAdmin
    • SSL Certificate
    • Support 24/7
    • 99,9% uptime guarantee

AVAHOST offers a range of benefits for Prestashop hosting.

  • Loading speed
    The shortest loading time means a better user experience, search engine optimization, and higher conversion rates. Our virtual hosting uses LiteSpeed servers and includes the DISCZ cache plugin for better website performance.
  • Complex hosting
    Virtual hosting is a managed service, which means it is fully supported by our team and has ready-to-use features, allowing you to quickly start developing your website. One-click installer, convenient control panel, automatic WordPress updates, installed plugins, and marketing tools - all of these and many other useful features are included in every virtual hosting plan.
  • Expert support
    Our customer support service is available in online chat and always ready to help, regardless of your problem or time zone you are in. Consultations are provided in Russian, Ukrainian during working hours and English 24/7/365. We also offer a comprehensive knowledge base and guides on website building, created by our experts.
Преимущества хостинга WordPress

On each virtual hosting tariff there is

  • Free SSL
  • Professional email address
  • 99.9% faultless operation
  • User support
  • Module LiteSpeed
  • DDoS protection
  • Regular backup copying
  • Free migration
  • Access control
  • Automatic update
  • Integration of Git
  • WP-CLI and SSH Access
  • PHP version control

  • Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Max FTP Accounts
  • Max Email Accounts
  • Max SQL Databases
  • Max Domains
  • Max Subdomains
  • Max Parked Domains
  • IOPS
  • Physical Memory
  • CPU speed
  • IO
  • Free SSL
  • Free domain registration
  • cPanel included
  • Access to Webmail
  • DNS Management
  • Several versions of PHP
  • File Manager
  • phpMyAdmin
  • 99,9% uptime guarantee
  • Online support
    • Mini
      1.99 €/ mo.
    • 5 GB
    • 5
    • 10
    • 5
    • 2
    • 5
    • 5
    • 1024
    • 1.5 GB
    • 100%
    • 10Mbps
    • Ether
      3.99 €/ mo.
    • 10 GB
    • 10
    • 20
    • 15
    • 4
    • 10
    • 10
    • 2048
    • 2 GB
    • 150%
    • 12Mbps
    • Impulse
      5.99 €/ mo.
    • 20 GB
    • 20
    • 40
    • 30
    • 10
    • 20
    • 20
    • 3072
    • 3 GB
    • 200%
    • 14Mbps
    • Loading
      9.99 €/ mo.
    • 50 GB
    • 50
    • 100
    • 100
    • 50
    • 50
    • 50
    • 4096
    • 4.5 GB
    • 200%
    • 16Mbps
    • Web Elite
      14.99 €/ mo.
    • 100 GB
    • 100
    • 200
    • 5120
    • 6 GB
    • 250%
    • 20Mbps

CMS PrestaShop hosting

CMS PrestaShop hosting offered by AvaHost is a dedicated hosting solution designed specifically for the PrestaShop web content management system. This service provides clients with designated server space and a predetermined set of resources, enabling them to utilize essential tools for the development, launch, and administration of an online store. Notably, the PrestaShop CMS itself is entirely free, and AvaHost’s CMS PrestaShop hosting plans are both reasonable and cost-effective. This affordability makes PrestaShop a highly favored option among aspiring entrepreneurs!

What are the main advantages of using CMS PrestaShop hosting for creating an online store?

The use of hosting tools for CMS PrestaShop in the process of structuring an online store offers a range of substantial and evident advantages, including:

  • Specialized optimization. Hosting on CMS PrestaShop from AvaHost is specifically configured to interact with the designated CMS, ensuring high performance and efficient functionality for your online store.
  • High page loading speed. CMS PrestaShop hosting with SSD storage positively impacts the page loading speed of the online store, providing benefits for search engine rankings and enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Simple and fast installation process. Any hosting, even affordable options for CMS PrestaShop from AvaHost, offer innovative solutions for a quick installation of PrestaShop.
  • Impeccable security. Hosting providers with CMS PrestaShop, including AvaHost, offer comprehensive solutions and developments to maintain a high level of security for your business project, including the use of SSL certificates, protection against attacks, and the confidentiality of visitor data.
  • Compatibility and updates. Well-adapted hosting with CMS PrestaShop support guarantees full compatibility with the latest CMS versions and provides frequent updates.
  • Scalability. Modern hosting providers with CMS PrestaShop, such as AvaHost, offer a sought-after scalability option, allowing you to easily increase or decrease resource volumes for the operation of your online store.
  • Technical support. Both standard and fast hosting for CMS PrestaShop from AvaHost provide access to technical support. Qualified technical support from the hosting provider can be beneficial in addressing technical questions and issues related to PrestaShop operation.

What are the system requirements needed for the installation and operation of hosting for CMS PrestaShop?

For the installation and subsequent operation of hosting for CMS PrestaShop, it is crucial to adhere to a set of system requirements outlined in the following table:

System requirementDescription
Web-serverFor optimal functioning of CMS PrestaShop hosting, it is recommended to use Apache supplemented with the mod_rewrite module or Nginx
PHPUsually hosting with CMS PrestaShop needs PHP version 7.1 and higher
Additional PHP-library packHosting with CMS PrestaShop support needs installing and configuring such PHP extensions, as cURL, OpenSSL, PDO, mbstring
Optimized serverThe server resources (CPU, RAM) should meet the needs of your store, especially during high traffic and sales’ volumes
Access to SHHWhen working with not expensive hosting for CMS PrestaShop, it is important to have access to the server command line (SSH)
SSL-certificateCertificates are essential for the secure and protected operation of CMS PrestaShop hosting and projects on the specified CMS
MySQLFor best CMS PrestaShop hosting, it is advisable to use MySQL 5.6 and newer versions, or MariaDB


What are the main content management functions provided by CMS PrestaShop hosting for managing products and categories?

Hosting with CMS PrestaShop from AvaHost offers a range of options for content management to effectively interact with products and their categories in an online store. The following are among the key features:

  • Adding products and editing them.
  • Category management to structure the product range.
  • Product attributes and options.
  • Warehouse management and inventory option.
  • Import and export of data.
  • Language and currency settings.


When considering to rent or buy hosting for CMS PrestaShop with AvaHost support, it is important to familiarize yourself with its main types. It is crucial to take into account several factors, including the scale of the store, the planned budget, traffic volume, and performance criteria. For example, shared and cheap CMS PrestaShop hosting is suitable for small, new projects with minimal requirements. In turn, virtual and dedicated servers become optimal solutions for larger projects.

To successfully rent or buy hosting for CMS PrestaShop, it is essential to take into account the key server requirements to ensure the effective operation of the online store. The following requirements include optimal PHP version (7.1 and newer), compatibility with the database, use of security certificates (SSL), storage with SSD drives, and optimal server resource volumes (CPU, RAM).

When selecting cheap CMS PrestaShop hosting, pay attention to its performance parameters. This detail significantly impacts the speed and quality of operation. For example, at AvaHost, you have access to not expensive hosting for CMS PrestaShop with optimal performance. The efficiency and speed of such hosting depend on the type of CPU (central processing unit), RAM (random access memory) capacity, load balancing option, and caching.

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