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Prohibited actions on our Virtual Servers March 12, 2024

Prohibited Actions: Upholding High Security Standards in Service Provision Users of our services are strictly prohibited from engaging in the following activities: 1. Spamming: Subscribers to our services are not permitted to engage in unwanted message distribution (spam). 2. DDoS / AMP Scanning / IP Spoofing & IP Header Modification: Actions aimed at executing Distributed […]

What are the Representative DNS Records February 26, 2024

Let’s look at a few of the most popular situations: A-record: it is necessary that the site opens from another server If this needs to be done for the domain specified in the “DNS zones” section, click on it with the mouse and, if there is an entry on the new page: @ IN A <ava.hosting […]

Examples of using cron in Shared Hosting February 26, 2024

Below are examples of cron jobs. I hope this information will help you better understand how this program works.\ # perform the task once per hour for 0 minutes 0 */1 * * * /home/u12345/script.pl # perform the task every three hours at 0 minutes 0 */3 * * * /home/u12345/script.pl # complete the task […]

How to set up cron in LiteSpeed Hosting February 26, 2024

Cron configuration occurs through the unix shell. First of all, you need to determine which programs you want to run and find out the full path to them on the server disk. To do this, cd into the directory where the program you are running is located, and find out the full path to that […]