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How to Install XRDP on your Ubuntu 22.04 April 18, 2024

If you need to connect to a remote desktop, then XRDP will come to the rescue. This tool stands for X Remote Desktop Protocol and is an open remote desktop protocol. Using it allows you, as a remote user, to connect to a Linux graphical desktop over a network. Let’s look at the process of […]

Dedicated servers AVA HOST: Reliable and powerful resources April 18, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of web hosting, businesses and individuals alike are constantly seeking reliable and high-performance solutions to meet their diverse needs. Amidst this quest for excellence, AVA HOST stands out as a beacon of reliability and power, offering a range of dedicated server solutions tailored to deliver unparalleled performance and stability. Let’s delve […]

Introducing the Read command in Linux: practical examples April 16, 2024

Among the many commands that are available on the Linux command line (CLI), mastering the basic commands is critical to effectively navigating and managing files and directories. Another thing worth noting here is that one of these basic commands is “read,” which allows users to capture input from the keyboard or other sources. In this […]

What’s a “Starvation” in Operating Systems March 25, 2024

Starvation in the context of operating systems, refers to a situation where a particular process or thread does not receive enough resources (such as CPU time, memory, or I/O access) to do its job. This can cause a process to continue to wait for resources forever, despite their availability on the system. Causes of fasting […]

Review of Debian updates for the first quarter of 2024 March 21, 2024

Before moving on to a description of the update of important components of the update, it is perhaps worth talking about the relatively new releases in the releases of this unique and super popular distribution – Debian. New releases have brought some changes Debian Edu 12 (“Bullseye”) is an operating system specifically designed for educational […]

How can I run a simple Python script using VPS March 20, 2024

Running Python scripts on a Virtual Private Server offers numerous advantages, including scalability, reliability, and accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you’re a developer, data scientist, or hobbyist, deploying Python scripts on a VPS can streamline your workflow and empower you to leverage the full potential of Python’s capabilities. In this guide, we’ll […]

What Payment Methods do we accept for Hosting Services? March 18, 2024

At AVA HOST we always strive to provide improved service and listen to our customers. We inform you that your requests regarding the addition of new payment methods have been heard and satisfied. We have added a new payment gateway – Cryptomus. In order to choose this payment method for our hosting services, you need […]

How to add and remove users in Debian 11 March 18, 2024

Debian 11, codenamed “Bullseye,” is the latest stable release of the popular Linux distribution known for its stability, reliability, and adherence to the principles of free and open-source software. One of the fundamental tasks for system administrators or users with administrative privileges is managing user accounts. In this guide, we will explore the process of […]

Anticipated Updates and Developments Set to Impact Linux in 2024 March 18, 2024

Kernel improvements Perhaps the most important update worth highlighting is the kernel update. The Linux kernel serves as the core of the operating system, and continuous improvements to its performance, security, and functionality are needed. In 2024, the Linux community will likely introduce kernel updates that will improve support for new hardware architectures, optimize resource […]

Prohibited actions on our Virtual Servers March 12, 2024

Prohibited Actions: Upholding High Security Standards in Service Provision Users of our services are strictly prohibited from engaging in the following activities: 1. Spamming: Subscribers to our services are not permitted to engage in unwanted message distribution (spam). 2. DDoS / AMP Scanning / IP Spoofing & IP Header Modification: Actions aimed at executing Distributed […]