Domain names play a very pivotal and key role in the world of the Internet, but few people think about what amazing stories and facts can be hidden behind these names on the Internet. Let me tell you a few important facts about domain names that may interest you.

The most expensive domain name in history

The most expensive domain name ever sold (so far) is In 2007, it was sold for an incredible $37 million. This case proves that the right domain name can be of great value.

Mike Mann and his 15,000 domains

Mike Mann from the USA deserves a mention. He has purchased and registered over 15,000 domain names. And his motivation? He said he wanted to “rule the world.” This incredible volume of domain names belongs to one person, and it is a source of admiration and astonishment.

Gold in the form of domains

Domain names can be so valuable that they are sometimes called “digital gold.” For example, the domain sold for a staggering $360 million. This highlights the importance of choosing the right domain name for your business.

Running out of short domains

There is a huge demand for short, three-letter “.com” domains. However, all of them have already been registered. Even among them, there are especially valuable ones, and their prices can range from expensive to astronomical. This shows how important it is to act quickly when choosing a domain name.

Character limit

There is a limit on the number of characters in a domain name. According to the rules, the length of a domain name should not exceed 63 characters. However, some US states allow registration of domains up to 127 characters long.

Number π in a domain name

In Japan, they even dedicated a domain name to the number pi. This was made possible because the first domains were registered in 1985, and until 1995 it was free. However, after 1995, the cost of renting a domain name increased to $100 per month.

Domain is not forever

When registering a domain name, remember that it is only yours as long as you pay for it. Domains are leased for a specific period of time and you must renew your registration to remain the owner. Some domains can be renewed for many years to come.

Google and the shortest domain name

The shortest domain name in the world belongs to Google and its Chinese office. They use the domain for the convenience of users in China.

Bottom line: Domain names are more than just Internet addresses; they can have enormous value and history behind them. Choosing the right domain name for your project or business can make a huge difference, so you should take it seriously.