WordPress Hosting

All WordPress hosting plans for websites have speed optimization features and modern security tools.
Money-back guarantee - 30 days

WordPress hosting tariff plans

  • Silver
    1 mon.
    3 mon.
    6 mon.
    12 mon.
    sale 0%
    3.99 €/mo.
    • 10 GB NVMe
    • Bandwidth Unmetered
    • 4 Domains
    • 10 Subdomains
    • cPanel CP
    • 15 MySQL Databases
    • PHPMyAdmin
    • SSL Certificate
    • Support 24/7
    • 99,9% uptime guarantee
  • WordPress "Giant"
    1 mon.
    3 mon.
    6 mon.
    12 mon.
    sale 0%
    14.99 €/mo.
    • 100 GB NVMe
    • Bandwidth Unmetered
    • ∞ Domains
    • ∞ Subdomains
    • cPanel CP
    • ∞ MySQL Databases
    • PHPMyAdmin
    • SSL Certificate
    • Support 24/7
    • 99,9% uptime guarantee

Advantages of WordPress hosting from AVAHOST

  • Loading speed
    The shortest loading time means a better user experience, search engine optimization, and higher conversion rates. Our virtual hosting uses LiteSpeed servers and includes the DISCZ cache plugin for better website performance.
  • Complex hosting
    Virtual hosting is a managed service, which means it is fully supported by our team and has ready-to-use features, allowing you to quickly start developing your website. One-click installer, convenient control panel, automatic WordPress updates, installed plugins, and marketing tools - all of these and many other useful features are included in every virtual hosting plan.
  • Expert support
    Our customer support service is available in online chat and always ready to help, regardless of your problem or time zone you are in. Consultations are provided in Russian, Ukrainian during working hours and English 24/7/365. We also offer a comprehensive knowledge base and guides on website building, created by our experts.
  • Modern security means
    Your website will be in reliable hands with Avahost. Get our developed web application firewall, free SSL certificate, and DDoS protection for your website data security. Some virtual hosting tariffs also include automatic daily backup.
Преимущества хостинга WordPress

On each virtual hosting tariff there is

  • Free SSL
  • Professional email address
  • 99.9% faultless operation
  • User support
  • Module LiteSpeed
  • DDoS protection
  • Regular backup copying
  • Free migration
  • Access control
  • Automatic update
  • Integration of Git
  • WP-CLI and SSH Access
  • PHP version control

Technical specifications

  • Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Max FTP Accounts
  • Max Email Accounts
  • Max SQL Databases
  • Max Domains
  • Max Subdomains
  • Max Parked Domains
  • IOPS
  • Physical Memory
  • CPU speed
  • IO
  • Free SSL
  • Free domain registration
  • cPanel included
  • Access to Webmail
  • DNS Management
  • Several versions of PHP
  • File Manager
  • phpMyAdmin
  • 99,9% uptime guarantee
  • Online support
    • Mini
      1.99 €/mo.
    • 5 GB
    • 5
    • 10
    • 5
    • 2
    • 5
    • 5
    • 1024
    • 1.5 GB
    • 100%
    • 10Mbps
    • Ether
      3.99 €/mo.
    • 10 GB
    • 10
    • 20
    • 15
    • 4
    • 10
    • 10
    • 2048
    • 2 GB
    • 150%
    • 12Mbps
    • Impulse
      5.99 €/mo.
    • 20 GB
    • 20
    • 40
    • 30
    • 10
    • 20
    • 20
    • 3072
    • 3 GB
    • 200%
    • 14Mbps
    • Loading
      9.99 €/mo.
    • 50 GB
    • 50
    • 100
    • 100
    • 50
    • 50
    • 50
    • 4096
    • 4.5 GB
    • 200%
    • 16Mbps
    • Web Elite
      14.99 €/mo.
    • 100 GB
    • 100
    • 200
    • 5120
    • 6 GB
    • 250%
    • 20Mbps

Managed Hosting for WordPress

Managed Hosting for WordPress is an advanced and high-performance platform exclusively designed to work seamlessly with WordPress. This solution offers a range of exceptional features, tools, and settings that ensure enhanced performance, convenience, and utmost security for WordPress-based websites. With this affordable WordPress hosting option, every line of code is meticulously optimized to maximize the utilization of hardware resources. AvaHost provides a dedicated hosting service for your WordPress blog and other digital projects, offering flexible pricing plans, round-the-clock technical support, and top-notch hardware performance.

WordPress hosting technical features

WordPress hosting is a specialized type of hosting solution designed to seamlessly integrate with the popular WordPress platform. By choosing a reliable WordPress hosting service, customers gain access to a range of tools and options that make managing web projects of any size a breeze.

AvaHost’s fast WordPress hosting stands out due to its exceptional technical features:

  • Enhanced Performance. Each AvaHost client can optimize their hosting environment to meet the specific needs and technical requirements of their digital project. To ensure a stable and speedy website, users can take advantage of features such as server environment customization, content delivery network (CDN) utilization, caching functionality, and other effective tools.
  • Easy Installation. Even with affordable WordPress hosting plans, users can enjoy straightforward methods for installing the WordPress platform. This includes both pre-installed WordPress versions and automatic installation options, simplifying the process of creating a structured website using WordPress.
  • Extensive Plugin and Extension Support. WordPress hosting accommodates a wide range of plugins and extensions, enabling users to enhance and diversify their website’s functionality. Particularly, commercial plugins work exceptionally well when paired with WordPress hosting for online stores.
  • High Level of Security. Premium WordPress hosting ensures additional security measures to safeguard client resources against cyber threats and DDoS attacks. Rigorous malware detection and regular security updates are implemented to provide robust protection for websites.
  • 24/7 High-Quality Technical Support. AvaHost offers round-the-clock technical support for users interested in purchasing hosting and a domain for their WordPress site, ensuring assistance is readily available at any time.

Choose AvaHost for WordPress hosting and enjoy the benefits of a well-optimized and secure hosting environment, coupled with dedicated support to address any concerns or issues that may arise.

CMS WordPress hosting advantages

If you’re looking for top-notch WordPress hosting, here are the key benefits it offers:

  • Affordable hosting with superior performance and stability.
  • Cost-effective storage solutions without compromising performance.
  • Streamlined and effortless image management.
  • Enhanced scalability, particularly during sudden traffic surges, with automatic scaling options.
  • Robust protection against WAF and DDoS attacks, including malware detection and automatic removal systems.

The best WordPress hosting from AvaHost 

If you’re in search of affordable and reliable WordPress hosting, apply to AvaHost. We proudly offer hosting and domain rental services specifically tailored for WordPress, with the best monthly prices available, including options for customers from Kyiv, Ukraine. Avahost’s team ensures top-notch quality and security for your projects, guaranteeing their stable and uninterrupted operation. With a range of flexible tariff solutions, we cater to the diverse needs of every website. Our state-of-the-art data centers, situated in Moldova, boast powerful equipment and cutting-edge failure protection systems, providing trustworthy data storage for your valuable information.  


Virtual hosting is a solution that provides hosting for small websites. It is a platform on which any digital project can be developed and sustained by server equipment. Renting physical machines is the most cost-effective solution for small websites. Paid virtual hosting is a comprehensive service that provides clients with access to a web site control panel (CPanel), databases, servers, email, CMS, and data processing software. All of these installed engines and features allow for easy and effortless creation of websites and subsequent management of them.

Hosting for managed type CMS WordPress is a platform provided by AvaHost for rent, which ensures comprehensive technical support, configuration, and management of a website structured on the basis of WordPress. In turn, when renting classic (unmanaged) hosting, the client personally controls and configures all hosting processes.

Hosting for CMS WordPress differs from standard hosting solutions in a number of parameters, including unique optimization for the WordPress platform, convenience and ease of installation, a large set of plugins and extensions, and a higher level of security.

The cost of different hosting solutions based on WordPress may vary and depends on the amount of resources provided, performance, and a range of key technical parameters.

Many provider's clients are interested in affordable WordPress hosting with the goal of transferring their website to AvaHost. To initiate this process, you should submit an application through AvaHost's website, messenger, or email, or directly contact an operator by phone.

By renting an inexpensive hosting for WordPress, even with minimal knowledge in web development and administration, you can always create your own website. Usually, the algorithm of actions looks like this: registration of a domain name and renting hosting, installation of WordPress, selection of the optimal theme for the site, customization of the external appearance of the web project, adding pages and content, setting up SEO for successful promotion of the site in search engines.

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